Raves, Reviews & Testimonials

"I am very much enjoying your new cd HEAL ME. I find it honors and captures that part of Siri Singh Sahib ji that many people did not know: his absolute innocence and simple purity and love. So sweet, simple, pure. I love it. I am building one of my workshops at Khalsa Ladies Camp around a couple of the songs: My Song and Prosperity Hymn. Oh, and In Hee Ki Kirpa is very very good!  I am thoroughly enchanted by the mantra: Siri Simrity, it is an amazing mantra that seems to connect deeply into the Great Primal Creativity of the Adi Shakti." - Guru Raj Kaur

"I wanted to take this chance to express my inspiraiton and gratitude with your new album "Heal Me".
This music is truly the best I have heard in a long time!
Today that I finally listened to your whole album in a peaceful situation, and I feel deeply touched and uplfifted, it is a true spark of divine light shining brighly in a loving embrace.
Thank you, thank you, for this wonderful piece of excellent (!!!) music and this healing, embracing lift-up." - GB

"Suite: Kirtan Soheila is so successful at giving me a Restful place it was nearly impossible to work on the project itself; I had to continuously try to ignore the bliss coming from the speakers". - Seva, Soundcurrent Mastering

"This collection of songs and kirtan are the absolute crowning achievement of musical bliss by Simran and Guruprem. I've learned to have high expectations of their work, but this simply is orders of magnitude beyond the beyond. The blend of their voices with superb acoustic instrumentalists serves up the brightest quiet point whenever you listen." - Seva, composer & engineer

"I listen to the song several times a day and breath and meditate! It has been a true blessing for my healing!
Peace" - Robin

"Beautiful!  Simran's voice is so sweet and lovely, better than ever!  I really like the Piano background."- Shakti

"Sublime!  We love it." - SatJivan

"Very beautiful!  The nursing staff suggested you submit the CD to the Chapain's office." - Curtis

"It's MAGNIFICENT! The harmony, the contour of the whole piece, everything was just perfect. Kudos!" - Liz

"The CD of Kirtan Sohila is exquisite. At least the beginning and middle, I fell asleep before the end. ( I will start earlier tonight.) Simran's singing is so beautiful, thank you again. I am sure this CD is going to be much loved."- HJK

"Sat Nam. And Wahe Guru! This album is SO beautiful. I've been listening to it all through these past 10 days (and, might I add, sleeping deeply to it every night…), totally in awe of the beauty that's been created. It's magical. Congratulations again! And thank you (again!) for the opportunity to be a part of it!" - Jai-Jagdeesh

"The singing is so authentic and clear!"

"This is the most beautiful Kirtan Soheila I have heard!" - S. Kohli, M.D.

"Simran's voice is a hidden treasure of 3HO"-GuruShabd Singh Khalsa

"Last night before bed, I was lying on my couch scrolling through Facebook's news feed on my iPhone.  Guru Prem had posted a link to the new album, so I clicked through.  As soon as Simran's voice could be heard, my black Mainecoon cat, Oscar, who had been sleeping soundly, charged across the room, threw himself onto the sofa next to me and started rubbing his face all over the phone, purring madly!
Both of my cats are used to hearing mantra, there's at least one if not two mantras playing in my apartment 24/7. But Oscar seemed quite taken by Simran's voice.  If he could review on iTunes, I'm sure it would say: OMG!
Sat Shakti

"Lisa Gladstone Thank you for sharing the story. The first time I heard the Suite: Kirtan Soheila was on Spirit Voyage. There was (and is) such a depth and beauty and from this tears....the tears come from the profound love that is transmitted - the energy transcends the words. It falls like a waterfall, and an immense sense of peace surrounds me. Profoundly greatful ♥"

Dharam Dev Kaur wrote: "Thank you for this divine gift. I play and sing with it every night to Guru Simran and all those I love, all people everywhere..."

Gurujodha wrote: "Guruprem has brought a level of competence, devotion and mastery to yoga, meditation and spiritual practice which is palpable and self-evident. Any time you have a chance to study with him, don't miss it."
"It's a Masterpiece!  I have Mastered hundreds of musical pieces and this is it!
I am having a hard concentrating on Mastering this project as I keep falling into Meditation." - Seva