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Written by GuruPrem Singh   
Saturday, 01 May 2010

GuruPrem Says:

"Don't let the Small Joints Pay for the Sins of the Big Ones!"


"Try not to conquer the postures(asana), Instead embrace their wisdom."


"Quiet your body & Mind, get subtle so you can reconnect to the subtle feelings of your soul. Your Soul & True heart want to take you towards your destiny, listen!"


"Home is where the heart is, and if something is good, take it to heart."


"Living in a body-mind filled with excessive tension, may be controlled but not calm. Calmness is found in the breath: smooth, long and equalized inhale and exhale."


"As humans, we are self-conscious; therefore, we live with the consequences of our decisions. We are gifted with a comparative, comprehensive and intuitive mind. Once we have used the mind (negative, positive & neutral) we must have the deep listening to hear our soul, the virtues of our heart, and our intuition. Use your mind to serve the virtues you carry in your heart!"


"Being good is when our good will is God's will--to be able to transcend the ego and witness the virtues acting within us, becoming us."


"Most of us at one point or another, must make this journey - from out heads to our hearts, from our ego to our soul, from thinking to deep listening, from outside to inside."


"There are two ways to do a posture: the easy way and the wrong way.  Ease comes from moving in harmony with the design of the body and the force of gravity.  Most postures are balance postures, not strength or endurance postures."


"Learn the discipline of Ease to avoid the 'Disease'."


"You do not have to immediately master the complete geometry of a posture.  The important part is to root yourself correctly.  The flower exists in the bud.  It is just not yet fully grown, but it has the essence of the flower.  Establish the inner essence and you will grow the correct shape."


"Be navel centered, open-hearted, adn empty-headed.  Ideally, the heart rules, the navel organizes the alignment of the body and the head is empty of useless chatter and focused on the breath and or mantra."


"Let the spirit move you. 'Inspirata' is the Latin word for inhalation.  You want the breath, the spirit, to lead."


"The face of Yoga is the face of contentment, the saint's face, the Buddha face.  Grin and share it, not grin and bear it."


"When someone is amazed by something that you do, their head shuts down and their heart opens wide. It is at that moment that they are open to receive new thoughts that can change their lives for the better."


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